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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

We Bankers challenges NPS:Demands Old Pension for Young Bank Employees

We Bankers has challenged the action of the Banks by which young Bank Employees joining the Bank n or after 01.04.2010 have been deprived and denied the benefits of Pension Fund which is otherwise available to Bank Employees who joined the services of Banks till 31.03.2010.

The grounds based on research undertaken by We Bankers and the information it received through RTI Application reveals that young Bank Employees have been discriminated and deprived from the benefits of Pension Fund in a treacherous and deceitful manner without following the due procedure provided in Section 19(1) of the Banking Companies (Acquisition & Transfer Of Undertakings) Act, 1970/1980. The Industrial Dispute challenging the actions of the Management of Public Sector Banks along with requisite information is being shared in pursuance of our policy of transparency. Any one can see the Dispute by clicking the link. Just names of information seekers have been withheld in order to protect them.

Thus, We Bankers has performed its duty. It is the only union which has challenged the introduction of NPS for young bank employees without any mandate from them to those who agreed to deprive these employees from the benefit of Pension Fund. Now, its turn of young Bank Employees to go through the actual truth disclosed by We Bankers by putting efforts for more than two years. You must read the Dispute Raised, you may comment, you may discuss and debate over it and you may share it amongst your banker friends as part of spreading awareness.

We apprehend that Top Officials Of Department of Financial Services may exert pressure upon Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), New Delhi for not entertaining our Dispute by issuing Notices to Reserve Bank of India and all Public Sector Banks who have been made Parties to Dispute. It is because of this apprehension that We Bankers has given call for Dharna at Jantar Mantar on 23rd July 2022 at 10 AM.

All Bank Employees irrespective of the fact as to whether they are retired or working have always been cheated on Pension and Pension related issues. Their Unity has been disturbed by creating Four Distinct and separate groups by way of discrimination and still the same game has been planned on the issue of Pension Updation. “Divide and Rule” principle has helped cheaters due to lack of unity and mass level opposition. Its high time for each and every bank employee to understand and realise as to how they have been cheated and thereafter rise to the occasion by demanding Uniform Pension for all in order to bring back the unity. Both Retired and Working Employees must have one voice and must stand together to fight for what has been given to Central Government and RBI Employees but same is denied to Bank Employees.

Its historic day when Public Sector Banks we’re Nationalised 53 Years back on 19th July 1969. During all these years Public Sector Banks have played a major role in development of the country and uplifting the poorest of the poor to come out from poverty line. Let us pledge that we would oppose privatisation of Public Sector Banks with all our might and at the same time we would continue to strive and struggle for equality in the matter of Salary, Pension and Number of Days per week working at par with Central Government Employees.

March Forward ! March Forward !!

A struggle is ahead March Forward,

Gear up the Machinery, keep the powder dry,

We have to achieve equality which is our Fundamental Right,

Rise, awake and stay not till goal of equality is achieved