WeBankers के Check Off पर बैंको में बनी सहमति ।। CLC ने फॉर्मेलिटीज के लिए 5 दिन का समय मांगा ।। - We Bankers


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Monday, January 11, 2021

WeBankers के Check Off पर बैंको में बनी सहमति ।। CLC ने फॉर्मेलिटीज के लिए 5 दिन का समय मांगा ।।


There has been long discussion and arguments on the issue of Check Off. IBA and all Public Sector Banks stated that We Bankers must provide them Registration Certificate, Bye Laws, List of Members and a request from these members to provide them check off facility. 

We strongly objected these conditions placed by IBA and Banks. We reminded CLC that right to form Union and Association is fundamental right guaranteed under Article 19(1)(C) of Constitution of India and interfering in such right has been defined as Unfair Labour Practice by Parliament by enacting Section 2(ra) with Fifth Schedule in Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.  That being constitutional and legal position, the Government of India received number of complaints from various banks relating to unfair labour practice and in order to resolve these complaints it issued direction for banks on 11th January 1988 to provide Check Off Facility to all registered  Unions and with change in technology issued fresh instructions on 24th October 2019 for providing online facility in HRMS for recording mandate from employees. As a matter of fact, check off facility must be viewed from the point of view of an employee because it is he who has to make a choice from the list of unions. The only condition for inclusion in HRMS is registration of Unions. IBA and management of Banks are involved in discrimination just because the movement of We Bankers does not support present system. As regards, providing names of members, there is no such stipulation in rules made and managements are insisting for list of members with ulterior and bad motive. 

The CLC on his part tried to mediate and resolve the issues by finding a middle course of action. We on behalf of We Bankers made it clear that we have provided managements the Registration Certificate and Bye Laws and we may still provide the same. Apart from these managements of the Bank's are not empowered to demand any thing or place conditions. 

At last CLC concluded that he has heard both the parties at length and he will communicate his decision in next 5 days. 

So We Bankers has once again showed that when it comes to principles, it is firm and does not believe in middle course of action. We must hope that CLC would do justice in the matter.